Top Rated Mobile Gaming Phone : ASUS ROG Phone


Many brand of smartphone now, especially every smartphone brand will publish some very sophisticated features and become its own advantages for the smartphone. Just like one of the smartphone brand that we will review the following is Asus ROG Phone, where this smartphone is a special smartphone category for gamers.

So, the mobile gamers can play various game genres such as MOBA and PUBG without fear of having their smartphone hang or error. There are some special specifications of this Asus Rog Phone, as we will review in below.

  • Design

Asus ROG Phone design

The design of the smartphone Asus ROG Phone has a very nice design with a super cool edge curve and also you will find the air space on the right that serves as a cooler so that when users play the game too long, this smartphone will not be hot and will keep cold.

Then this smartphone equipped with double speakers that will produce stereo sound that is loud and clear so that make the atmosphere when playing the game becomes very exciting.  You will find ROG logo that is characteristic of smartphone Asus ROG Phone, and this ROG logo can change color and look very interesting. You can even decide your own color based on what you want.

  • Supporting accessories

Asus ROG Phone acc

The smartphone Asus ROG Phone there are also various supporting accessories while playing online games that will make your game more exciting and also more comfortable when you play. There are 4 types of supporting accessories provided by Asus ROG Phone, such as cooling vapor or 3D vapor – chamber cooling system.

The function of this accessory is to cool your smartphone when you play too long games, and usually make the smartphone hot and can damage your smartphone, for it is very necessary once these steam cooling accessories.  For the next accessories named gaming stick that has the same function as the existing stick on the PS that has 5 buttons.  So you’ll feel like playing games on your phone just like you play games on the PlayStation.

For the third accessory is console gaming or gaming vice and VIGIG dog that has a function as an additional screen when you feel a screen is not enough to play the game freely. For the last accessory is the desktop dock or mobile desktop dock that serves as a desktop when you want to play as on a computer device and later there will be settings for the keyboard and mouse.

  • Processor

Asus ROG Phone processor qualcomm snapdragon 845

Next we will discuss about processor embedded on the Asus ROG Phone, where this smartphone brings the advanced processor Snapdragon 845 which has a super strong power and give the boost users need when they play mobile online games. The speed of the Asus ROG Phone is really fast which can reaches 2.96 GHz.

  • RAM

Ram storage provided by Asus ROG Phone is very big. Imagine that you will enjoy the smartphone with the 8 GB random access memory and certainly will not be a problem to run game that requires large memory access. Asus ROG is indeed very reliable for the gamers

  • Internal storage

In addition there is very large ram storage, Asus ROG Phone also equipped with internal storage which also has a large capacity. So you can store any data into your smartphone. For internal memory that is on the Asus Rog Phone there are two variations that is with a capacity of 128 GB and 512 GB capacity.

  • Camera

Another excellent feature that is owned by Asus ROG Phone is the camera.  Where, this smartphone has dual rear camera with 12 MP+ 8 MP resolutions.  Certainly besides you can play games, you can also take photos with clear images and also a sharp focus.

  • OS Android

The review of OS or android system of the smartphone Asus ROG Phone has android system Android 8.1 and this Android system is the latest android system that will be superior to previous android system and it is certain that this android system can be updated with higher android version.

  • Screen

Asus ROG Phone screen

This time is very interesting review, where we will explain about the screen description of Asus ROG Phone.  For the screen of this smartphone has a frame feature refresh 90 Hz or IMS pixel response time. Its own screen size is 6 inches with clearly amoled 1080 x 2160 pixels, 18: 9 ratio. This smartphone equipped with a finger print feature up to 10, so you can open this Smartphone screen with your finger detection sensor.

  • GPU / VGA

For graphics  system from this  Asus ROG Phone smartphone using Adreno Qualcomm with the best picture and also comes with a very powerful effect when you play the game and also this smartphone is very powerful to play games with the size of weight and duration very long without any error.

  • Sound

Asus ROG Phone sound blazing

The next review for the sound power where the smartphone is equipped with DTS sound feature that is able to produce clear sound, bases and vocals. Then, there are also feature dual speakers located above and below that are able to produce stereo sound tight.

  • Battery

Asus ROG Phone has a large battery capacity of 4000 mAh which makes the users can play games with a long time without disruption low batteries.  Besides this smartphone also has the power of fast charging so when you do charging does not need long time. You can also add thin view dock accessories in order to increase the capacity of your battery if necessary. If you add this accessories then the total capacity of the battery in this smartphone to 10.000 mAh which will certainly be the oldest though durable game play continuously. And one exciting fact the charging port are in the middle so you can still play your favorite games while the phone is charging.

Asus ROG Phone comfort gaming

  • Network

 The network connections provided by Asus ROG Phone include GSM / HSPA / LTE. Support Gprs yes, support edge yes and support wifi yes. For Bluetooth feature using version 5 and for GPS using Glonars and BDS versions.

 That’s all review that we can explain to you.  This information is information related to the best smartphone for playing gamers. So in conclusion Asus ROG Phone is ranked first smartphone specially the best gamers in all specifications.  Hopefully this information can help reader thank you a lot.



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