Sony are well known as one of producer of fine and stylish telivision. They already launched their first 4K OLED with 3 choice of display size : 55″,65″ and 77″. For those are fans of Sony products and known of model numbers, it would appear the A1/A1E is a step up from Sony’s flagship products from 2016, the ZD9/Z9D. That model isn’t being replaced, but rather it will continue to be sold in 2017 alongside the A1, with both sharing ‘flagship’ status. But this new OLED technology will amaze you because of the clarity of the display shown.

Design and Features

Sony Bravia XBR-65A1E come with 65″ display and the design are very minimalist so they only need small space to put them in your entertainment room. Rather than using a separate tabletop stand, the set actually sits on its bottom edge and tilts backward, leaning on a brace that keeps the display at a fixed angle. (Sony calls the design “stand-less.”). You can see how the TV looks from side view below

But you can use wall mounted if you want this TV to give more space in your room. With their sleek design this TV will make your room feel more spacious.

Sony A1E offers all of the standard connections and features. There are four HDMI ports, Ethernet, USB, composite video, RF and analog audio connections, and built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. So you can plug your console, cable tv, bluray, and other device connected to the TV and enjoy maximum entertainment in your house.

Display Performance 

With Sony put its Bravia XBR-65A1E on LG’s OLED panel, one might expect the picture performance are the same like LG’s sets, and to a large extent, it does. However, a closer inspection reveals that Sony has used its video processing prowess to give its TVs has Sony feelings  of personality.

The company are worked to improve some of the details in darker areas of scenes that may look too black on LG’s displays, as well as tried to nudge the overall brightness without sacrificing details. These may seem like minor differences, but for those with the visual acuity and have the money, your money are well spend on this improvement.

Audio: The sound of glass

Sony has taken a unique approach to creating sound out of the A1E by turning the front glass of the display into two speakers. Sony using their well-known technique of vibrating glass to generate sound waves. This system are called Acoustic Surface sound system. Sony has refined the technique and add a panel subwoofer to deliver a focused, tight sound to get the immersive feeling from the television impressive picture.


Sony continues to use a variation of Android TV for its smart-TV user interface and controls. In general, it works well, although the screen can get crowded quickly with icons for movies, features and apps. Fortunately, scrolling down to view separate categories sorts things out quickly. There’s also built-in support for Google Chromecast and  PlayStation Vue. To all this, Sony has added Google Home support so that you can control your TV from a compatible voice-assistant device.


For all of you Sony fans this OLED TV are the best that you can get out there. And don’t think twice because this XBR-65A1E  are absolutely premium in their design, display, sound and will be the central of your entertainment zone. As the main part of your entertainment zone great display will give you immersive feeling when you watch movies, playing game even listening to music.


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